Across Inc.

A concentric holding company invested in a portfolio of organizations and products that is focused on growing, empowering, and giving back. The core company philosophy is the principle of reciprocity: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."


Across Village

A unique space that offers a co-working experience along with individual office spaces that support growth and community while offering all the commodities needed to focus on your endeavors.

Across Healthcare

Proven leaders in building patient, provider, payor, and life sciences technologies partnering with clients to help them envision, design, and deliver innovative technology solutions.

Across Software

Where expertise accelerates innovation by delivering products and services and providing quality answers to the complex issues in the software and consulting industry.


Our Products


Creating sustainable solutions by bridging the gap between strategy and execution while increasing profits and streamlining operational processes, reducing costs, and optimizing technology.


An innovative platform designed to help providers and staff stay connected with their patients while decreasing costs and increasing productivity by collecting data and enabling patient participation.


A shared platform connecting patients, caregivers, providers, and researchers in order to collect data, provide a vast community, and advance toward the goal of finding answers and discovering cures.


Giving Back

Every month we highlight a local organization and try to give back to our community. We match our employees' donations to encourage getting in the spirit of giving. This is to help promote awareness and serve our community for the better.

Chamber of Commerce

In order to help better the business community, we are part of our local Carroll County Chamber of Commerce. Our Chamber works closely with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to promote pro-business legislation.

Main Street

We partner with Main Street because it helps promote and strengthen downtown Carrollton by providing active support, resources, and opportunities which result in historic preservation and education, beautification, and quality economic growth.

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